Facilities Support Services

If you’re a facility large or small, Alarm Lock Tech can help you get the most out of your Alarm Lock digital locks and software! Whether you’re looking for someone to run your system to help control costs, provide troubleshooting and professional support, or need assistance in surveying your facility for expansion, we are your “one stop” solution. We have customized programs and solutions to meet your needs. Call today!


With over 30 years in the lock and access control industry, we are able to provide professional site survey, system and hardware specification services, and assistance with deployment and/or expansion of Trilogy and Networx systems of all sizes and circumstances. If you’re needing expert and professional assistance with any and all system design issues or questions, we are ready to help.


If you are looking for support and troubleshooting of your existing Alarm Lock system, we are here to help. A vast majority of lock and system issues can be diagnosed and cured via telephone or remote desktop connection.

Alarm Lock Tech is capable of providing remote system administration services for your facility on a contract basis. Database changes, uploads, software updates, firmware updates, audit log downloads and backups are some of the service we offer. Please call to discuss your needs with us, and we’ll provide a custom quotation to cover whatever level of services you require.






We are experts with deployment, upgrades and maintenance of stand-alone and server/client software installations of DL-Windows software in facilities of all types and sizes. If you’re needing software assistance, we have the technical expertise to quickly address your issues. Call us today at (800) 231-7135